Our Division

We build an ecosystem around the brand, to engage emotionally with the experience and value for the people. We designed our self in a culture of collaboration mirroring our client needs, and exploration for an immersive digital campaign and services in today’s transformation technology.

Mankind Technology

MANKIND fosters a culture of innovation and experimentation one that allows ideas to become more powerful with every brainstorm. People at our company are all creators and inventors. We spend a lot of time and energy on our internal Research and Development practices. Our developers rely on these “geek sessions” to stretch their imaginations. Then, working closely with our team, equally geeky designers, they create things that have never been seen before.

Mankind Frasa

As MANKIND’s content and strategy, we partnering with our clients in many different ways but ultimately, the strategy searches for insights that inspire the most effective work for our clients throughout all digital channel and social media, our strategy has proven the ability to develop overarching digital programs and core frameworks that work toward achieving the brand’s business and marketing objectives.

Mankind Business

We’ve chosen to build our account relations model through the utilization of business management. Our business team manage the client relationship and, at the same time, oversee the teams running the projects. In other words, they’re the liaison between our clients needs and our team’s creative solutions. MANKIND Business are the cornerstone to our process that has an Executive Producer authority, an efficiency lost on many agencies where these separate disciplines often convene in passing.

Mankind Interactive

Our creative department is made up of creative director, art directors, designers, copywriter, information architects and user experience designers. This team works together to the concept and execute the initial stages of the experience, and together with our Technology and Development teams to ensure the final experience is one that our client’s Consumers will be enthralled. Some add-on talents in the creative department include writers, movie enthusiast and illustration.

Mankind Studio

Video content will be the one of the future for a digital frontier, for that MANKIND Studio will accelerate our digital creation on audiovisual and multimedia production within the digital sphere. In every stage of production will be guided and execute throughout every division of Mankind, and produced by our state of art creation and quality control from pre to post production by our advance supervision to creating a production with supreme quality.